Like many North Texas girls, I was an intense soccer player with it taking up most of my early years.  I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything because of the life lessons it taught me: inner discipline, commitment & pushing through even when you’re “not feelin’ it.”

One of the downsides of such an intense practice was I had ankle surgery in just 7th grade and many injuries and continued pain after.   I had the drive to be active, but already my body was letting me down.  This led me to yoga.

I started off with home videos in high school (Rodney Yee is my man), and after just a couple months I could tell a difference in my ankles.. my knees.. my back, even my headaches were gone!  I expected yoga to affect target areas, but I had no idea it could help my whole body.

As I delved into my practice it took on a whole new form.   By incorporating a slow, strong, calming breath it truly moved way beyond my muscles and joints.  I realized even though my body was stronger than it ever was, that’s not what I craved as much from my practice.

Yoga became a retreat for me.  My mat became this place where I could step away from the busyness of the world, meditate on the fullness of Christ, learn how to accept my body as it is, saddlebags and all, come face to face with my issues instead of running away from them, learn tools to slow down my brain  and to my delight, every class ended in relaxation pose!

I try to weave into my classes sweat, laughter while balancing strength and stillness, endurance and grace  – the very characteristics of my God and Creator that I cherish, love and rejoice in.  Our bodies are masterfully and beautifully made and this practice recognizes that!

Yoga has become such a powerful instrument in my life.  I think this practice has a way of cutting through a lot of barriers.  It is my heart to share this with others and to serve and love through yoga.

I received my 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification from Uptown Yoga with the amazing Jen Chitwood and wise-beyond-her-years, Maria Carroll.  Both women are packed with enough information, patience and grace to last multiple lifetimes.  It was a honor to train with them.